Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crossroads: A Dance Project by Maura Garcia

      The clock hits 7 P.M. and everyone takes his or her seats to watch Maura Garcia display her work. A poem is voluntarily read before the performance starts. As soon as the last word of the poem is said, music spontaneously blasts from the speakers and Maura Garcia starts dancing to the sounds of Charleston.
     “Representing every piece of historic Charleston with a dance move is very clever…,” said by an audience member.  Stories about Charleston were read aloud by various audience members and were portrayed by Garcia and her dancers.  Audience interaction was a key element in making this an enjoyable performance for people of all ages. Not only was the audience narrating the stories, but also each person had the opportunity to dance.
     The music was a variety of slow and fast tempos with showcasing many different instruments. Garcia’s beginning dance started off with a slower tempo and simpler movement and later displayed the opposite with a faster tempo with banging drums and quicker dance moves. The audience was sliding towards the edge of their seats when the music would progress.
      The performance ended with Garcia in many different items of clothing representing the different types of obstacles and roads people go through.This performance was a great opening to the Piccolo Spoleto Festival because Maura Garcia displayed various types of art from dancing to acting.

Inside the Charleston Library Society

Scattered Clothes which represented all the crossroads and obstacles of life. 

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